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1 April 2023

Véron, O., (2023) ‘We’re just an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’: Strategies and (a)politics of change in Berlin’s community food spaces, Environment and Planning A. I am excited to share a new research paper, published in February this year in Environment and Planning A. The benefits of community-based, grassroots food practices, such as community gardens or […]

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16 November 2022

Hodge, P., Mc Gregor, A., Springer, S., Véron, O., White, R., (eds.) (2022) Vegan Geographies: Spaces beyond Violence, Ethics beyond Speciesism, Lantern Publishing & Media. I am excited to share a new volume that I co-edited with my colleagues Paul Hodge (University of Newcastle), Andrew McGregor (Macquarie University), Simon Springer (University of Newcastle) and Richard J. White (University of […]

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7 February 2022

  Véron, O. and White, R. (2021) « Anarchism, Feminism and Veganism: A Convergence of Struggles « , In: S. Springer, J. Mateer, M. Locret-Collet and M. Acker (eds.) Undoing Human Supremacy Anarchist: Political Ecology in the Face of Anthroparchy, Rowman & Littlefield, 65-88. I am excited to share a new book chapter, published in October 2021 and co-authored with Richard […]

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